Tándem Bike + Coffee

The tandem team loves bikes. And they want their users to enjoy the bike to the fullest, they collaborate to find the right bike for each case and are willing to help in every step to achieve it.

They also propose an innovative experience, a place where users can go with their bike to have a coffee or a snack, to work in a place surrounded by good energy, to chat with friends, to repair a puncture or even as a refreshing stop, to regain strength and continue.


We worked with the Tandem team to define their priorities when it came to showcasing their products and proposal in an online store. The main requirement was to provide access to all available products in a simple and intuitive way, link the store with social media and provide quality information about the bikes.

As a result, Tándem now has an updated online store, with a great aesthetic character and above all the possibility that their products reach their users quickly and securely.

Check out the site tandem.uy