Saudi Stroke Society

The aim of the Saudi Stoke Society is to reduce the impact of stroke by changing the way it is seen and treated in Saudi Arabia.

The Challenge

Saudi Stroke Society's first approach started with the idea of updating its website, but during the design process, new visions were defined for the society and the need to highlight its work with modern and functional branding. The design process leads to an integral consultancy that includes branding, communication pieces, and a corporate site that is 100% aligned with society's communication objectives. We also developed customized e-learning tools to support Society's training and continuous improvement tasks.

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Brand Design

We worked with the Saudi Stroke Society to develop their new brand strategy that would convey the association's core concepts by creating a memorable, engaging, and modern brand.

UX / UI Design

We studied the stages of the user flow and defined the elements that would later make up the graphic user interface. The main objectives were to create a unified design style based on the brand and give the maximum functionality to the digital product.