Monkop is a cloud-based application testing tool that provides you with performance analysis using real mobile devices. Developers enjoy using Monkop to fix bugs and improve their apps. Measure, analyze and optimize the performance of your apps, upload your iOS or Android app and Monkop will test it for you.

The Challenge

The main challenge was to transform a tool already under development into an integral product concept with solid branding and a great story behind it. The system had to be highly functional and gamified at the same time. Thanks to the rounds of iterations with the team we came up with a concept where through the creation of a character we would give context to this idea of testing apps in the cloud. This is how Monkop was born!

Content & Strategy

We worked on an idea where the central story based on a character allowed us to come up with a playful concept where a super monkey tests the apps for us ensuring the quality of the final product and saving time and money.

With this base, we created all the communication elements to promote the brand such as print pieces, brochures, videos, digital pieces, and websites.