Mano Piensa

Company specialized in the design and development of didactic games to learn in a creative way. Its priority is to develop products that entertain, in a respectful and original way, and that help develop all people, regardless of their age and abilities.


We worked together with the Mano Piensa team to define their priorities when selling their games in an online store. This store should be an extension of the Mano Piensa concept, its art, the family behind it, and of course the users, the real Mano Piensa.

The new Mano Piensa website offers users a visually appealing, functional and easy-to-navigate educational games shopping website. Customers can check if their zip code is eligible for delivery, search for individual items or by category, and choose delivery times with ease. In addition, the site is compatible with all devices. The Mano Piensa team can also easily edit the site to update items, prices, and other content.

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