InnSail is a platform that offers shared sailing experiences. It allows you to easily and centrally find information about cabin availability on micro cruises.

Find departures near your current location, venture into nautical experiences on your favorite beach, compare prices, read reviews, book, and pay securely.

The Challenge

We worked together with the InnSail team from the beginning, maturing the idea at a business level, naming process and defining a clear path in terms of branding and communication. We worked in detail on the brand and the impact at an aesthetic level looking for a clear differentiation from the competition.

From the analysis of the previous stages we gave a framework to what would be the main functionalities of the digital platform. We worked on the UX with emphasis on both B2c and B2b consumers.

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Content & Strategy

The system had to be clear and intuitive, both for charter companies that wanted to publish several boats and for private users, and above all the search, booking, and payment by end users had to be simple and agile.

Once the research with users and stakeholders was completed, we linked the branding with the requirements of use, working in detail on the UI and then the development of the system.