Estudio Tosca

Estudio Tosca is a design studio focused on creating products using precious stones from Uruguay. Its founders, industrial designers Cecilia Casafúa and Alfonso Martínez, created this design firm, which emphasizes the aesthetic and symbolic value of the objects they design, as well as the cultural appropriation of the stones they work with.

The Challenge

The challenge was to disseminate the project and its products committed to the local industry in the north of Uruguay, from where the raw material is extracted. They were looking to create an e-commerce site that could sell and distribute their high-value-added products, in the local and international markets.

Check out the website at

Content & Strategy

Based on the objectives, we defined the components that would later compose the graphic user interface along with their product photographs. The developed site contains institutional information and news. Most importantly, the e-commerce site allows Tosca's products to be sold and shipped internationally.

Results & SEO

We thought and developed the site to be visible on all devices, and friendly to navigate. We also positioned the site through SEO, connected to Google Search Console and Analytics, and now, when you search for the name of the company, it quickly appears in the first results.