The Consorcio Constructor del Ferrocarril Central will be in charge of the project, promoted by the Uruguayan Ministry of Transport and Public Works, which consist in the rehabilitation of 273 km of the railway that links the city of Paso de los Toros with the port of Montevideo.

The Challenge

This is a project in which large companies such as Sacyr, Saceem, Berkes and NGE are participating and have signed the contract for the awarding of the Uruguayan Central Railway project. From Sintropía we were working to define its new image and support this great project.

Content & Strategy

The main objective of the project was to create a unified image to communicate in a variety of contexts. The country's railway past was taken into account, AFE the State Railway Administration and also all the companies participating in the project. The brand had to be recognizable and understandable at various levels, such as operators, middle management, bosses and entrepreneurs, as well as the general public.

Results & Development

After the research, a simple and versatile brand was defined that contemplates all the values that the consortium, both internally and externally, has. A scalable brand manual was defined, and as the project progresses, it will be fed with elements that improve communication at all levels. As a starting point, work was done on elements such as manuals, institutional communication pieces, publications and workplace communication elements.