Connects people who want to sell dollars with those who want to buy, without operating costs, without intermediaries, at the average exchange rate of the market (average between buyer and seller quotation of the moment).

The Challenge

This financial Start Up contacts us with a great and innovative business idea for the local market. With the Sintropía team, we support the brand development and the
UX / UI design of the product.

Branding Design

We worked together with the CambioYA team to convey the essence they were looking for in their brand. We helped them tell their story through a bold new identity based on a new, dynamic and functional image.

UX / UI Design

From the inputs presented by the Cambioya team, we generated mapping of the target users, their interests and the way they relate to digital products. We also studied possible scenarios based on wireframes and user flows, until we reached the final design to test and then advance in the development.