The Bitafal Group is made up of a group of companies dedicated to providing solutions for road construction. From the production of asphalts with integrated technologies for better performance, to their transportation and modern machinery for maintenance and construction.

The Challenge

We have been working together with BItafal since 2016 and thanks to that we had the opportunity to collaborate on a variety of projects. We started working on the definition of brand manuals and style guides for all the brands that make up the Bitafal group. In this way, we set a solid path for the following challenges.

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Content & Strategy

We developed a website to nucleate the communication of the group and each particular branch, looking for a common language but respecting the particularities of each business vertical.

We have collaborated with an integral design approach, ranging from the editorial design of publications and press releases to the design and development of packaging for new products, always focusing on quality from the conceptualization of the brand to the productive follow-up.