Company created in 2002 in Montevideo - Uruguay, with the main objective to manufacture medical sensors of the best possible quality at a fair price.

Its main areas of action are:
Oxygen Saturation, Temperature, Electrocardiogram, Invasive Arterial Pressure, Non Invasive Arterial Pressure, Electroencephalogram.

. They also have a custom development department OEM and ODM oriented to offer the best results to their customers.

The Challenge

We accompanied the growth of Biogénesis since 2015, working together with their team to define the redesign of their brand, focusing on the tone and the elements that are part of their communication.

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Content & Strategy

We worked hard to redefine your online presence by redesigning a site full of illustrations, animations and hyper-realistic product modeling.

Where your B2B customers can explore the possibilities and have a unique industry experience when ordering medical sensors.